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After School Kids Fitness and Self Defense in Vista

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Let Your Child Enjoy a Great After School Fitness and Self Defense Program Today!

Is your kid being bullied? Do you struggle to get your kid to be active? Tired of handing over money for programs they don’t enjoy? Or has your kid been interested in fitness?

If the answer is yes, then our unique kids fitness class is perfect for your child!

Our classes are led by Certified Instructors in a group setting for ages 6-12. Your kid will be coached on proper technique and given individual attention. Regardless of your kid’s initial fitness level, you will find this to be a great long-term fitness and self defense program.

Kids Fitness in Vista Is Giving Our Youth A Sense Of Confidence And Pride!

Our kids classes are MUCH more than just physical fitness. We use fitness as a physical technique to teach confidence, teamwork, and pride. Our Vista Athletic Club program actually helps teach self-discipline and socialization skills. Your child can enjoy:

  • Physical fitness: Kids this age need physical activity to build strength, coordination, and confidence. Boys and girls to achieve fitness and focus. Does your kid like to play video games or watch TV? If you struggle to get your kid more active, this is a great option.
  • Bully prevention lessons: We regularly address bully prevention tactics and we are always building confidence.
  • Teamwork: Children work with a peer and in groups, learning to cooperate with other kids and to show respect for others.
  • Good company: Being surrounded by other kids all striving to achieve their personal goals.

Unlike other extracurricular sports and activities, your child doesn't need to be a superstar athlete to succeed. Our Vista Athletic Club classes seek to develop your child into a champion inside and outside of the gym. As your child continues to attend classes, you'll see the difference!

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